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Real-Time Response(For Teachers)

Once you grasp what your students think in real-time, you can begin to develop even better lessons and learning activities based on their feedback. Therefore, Imakiku is an excellent tool as an active learning tool too. It will help you to promote student engagement.

Real-Time Voting, Posting & Surveying(For Students)

Students will feel more respected when afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in real-time, thus increasing their active engagement. Above all, your students are more likely to enjoy taking your class.

Web-Browser-Based Tool

No need any extra devices and apps downloaded. Imakiku is optimized for smartphone, tablet, and laptop. You and your students can start immediately.

Plans and pricing

Each plans are now available. You can purchase each plans that you want immediately. Check the price list for teachers and business, and payment method below. Then, please email us if you would like to purchase each plans.

Full of useful features

Imakiku enables not only voting, posting and surveying. There are many useful features that are attendance management, online survey, video voting and so on. You will feel free to use them as you like. Check them now.

Extremely Easy

Experience intuitive interface. You can create questions easily, and your students are able to answer your questions immediately. There are many sample questions and you can edit them to suit your class.