Meet Imakiku.
It's the brand new real-time audience response system.

Here's a brand new hybrid real-time audience response system.
Imakiku is available for hybrid flexible classes.

Imakiku and Sugukiku

An app is not required and it can be used immediately.
Imakiku also fully supports hybrid flexible classes that combine face-to-face and online classes.

Imakiku brings you to catch what your audience think in real-time. The audience can answer your question easily using their smartphones. Also, Imakiku can show the result in real-time both presenters side and audience side. It'll promote audience engagement. In addition, Imakiku also fully supports hybrid flexible classes that combine face-to-face and online classes, so You don't have to make the participant log in to more than one app anymore.

image Classroom / Active Learning

Classroom / Active Learning

Promote student engagement

Anybody can participate in it easily.

Just let your students scan your QR code. That it. Then, the students can participate for your class. Lets' promote your student engagement by using real-time voting, posting comments, and surveying. After the class, you can get the voting result and students' comments of the class by one click. Also, you can download attendance data when you purchase and add the feature "Get personal information". Imakiku is available for hybrid flexible classes. For teachers plans are from 90 USD per year.

image  Conference


Break the language barrier with Imakiku.

Let's set the audience free from the language barrier.

The audience can answer by their native language if you add on the "Set another language for the question" feature. To do this, you can promote audience engagement. In addition, Imakiku can gather the questions from the audience in real-time, so you can answer them immediately. The plans for business are from 1,080 USD per year. Also, you can select a One-Time plan for business.

image Career Training Programs

Career Training Programs

Improve employee concentration at work

You can analyze the voting result data of this time and make a plan for the next class.

During the career training programs, you can see what the employees think in real-time with Imakiku. You can start very easily because Imakiku doesn't need any other apps and equipment. The plans for the business are from 1,080 USD per year. Also, you can select a One-Time plan for business.

image Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

Let's make an interactive conference easily.

The stable server brings you a good presentation.

The event agency staff members can make the interactive presentation easily by using Imakiku. The Imakiku server is very stable, so you can hold the large-scale events. Also, you can customize the user interface color and logo when you get the extension "Original template". We highly recommend the One-Time plan for business for event agency staff members.

Imakiku Immediately

Would you like to use the Imakiku right away?

Don't worry, you can use Imakiku right away.
Just sign up, after that let us know which plan you would like to have.

*Once you sign up through the button below, you'll be able to use the free trial plan immediately.

Imakiku Easy

Is it easy to use Imakiku?

Yes, anybody can use it easily.
Of course, we have some quick reference guide for Imakiku and Sugukiku on the question section.

Imakiku Just access

Do I need any other apps or equipment for using this web service?

No, you need only your smartphone or other devices that you have. That it.
You can use Imakiku anywhere you want.

Would you like to compile the survey result and attendance data by one click?

You can download the result data by one click.
You 'll be able to save your time. Why don't you analyze the data for the next presentation?

Video conferencing

Can I use it for a video conferencing or live streaming?

Of course, you can! You can open the real-time voting, posting comments and surveying at a video conferencing or live streaming. Also, people who cannot come to the venue can vote, post comments, and answer questionnaires in real-time while watching the live broadcast video. Imakiku also supports hybrid (face-to-face and online) conferencing, so participants do not need to operate multiple applications.


Can I make the participants answer in their native language?

Yes you can! Your participants can answer your question by their native language when you get and use the extension "Set another language for the question".
All the participants have to do is select their language after they log in.

Would you like to customize the voting screen interface for your own presentation?

You can specify the logo and colors on Imakiku and Sugukiku screen.


Which features would you like to include in your plan?

Basic features

Free features

  • Create questions
  • Create options for audience answer
  • Select the chart style
  • Gather comments from audience
  • Share &Evaluate comments
Paid plan features

The features for more than S+ plan

  • Get personal information
  • Show personal information
  • Copy one question
  • Copy one question group
  • Audience answer settings
  • Choose questions order
  • Image options
  • Video options
  • Allow audience post images
  • Change design template
  • Online survey
Extensions (Optional)

For more polite presentation

  • Print tutorial for audience
  • Show the result on the audience side screen
  • Create long sentence questions
  • Crosstabs
  • Filtering / Zoom comments
  • Set another language for the question
  • Create branches
  • Quiz
  • Set up a tournament
  • Rewards program
  • Original template
  • Ads Settings

Customors comments


Professor of Keio university Prof. Jiro Tamura

Professor of Keio universityProf. Jiro Tamura

I admire the way Imakiku brings me the student response in real-time. Also, I like this because it's so affordable. (e.g.S plan for teachers: 90 USD per year)

In my case, I use the Imakiku in my Negotiation class. The class has adopted an active learning method. I take responses from students during the class through the Imakiku and Sugukiku. Usually, after choosing some comments that stand out, I ask the students about them again. Before discovering the Imakiku and its capabilities, an interactive class on a large scale didn’t seem like a possibility. However, now with Imakiku and the ability to connect easily, it seems achievable. The Imakiku's operation is so simple, so I can easily prepare before class.

Also, the stable server makes me focus on the class. What matters most to me is that the students are able to easily participate, despite it being a large scale class. In addition, once I use Imakiku, I get to catch what the students really think in real-time. It brings both professors and students a fruitful class even if when the class is a large-scaled. That's why I like this Imakiku so much.


Organizer Supervisor


Thanks to Imakiku, we could make the conference interactive. Especially, the real-time survey feature is fantastic! We use it in our meeting within the companytoo.(e.g.S plan for business: from 1,080 USD per year)

The most important thing for the conference, getting the participants to understand the study during the presentation time. When the presenter uses Imakiku, they can gather the comments from the participants in real-time without apps and the presenter can answer their questions or comments accurately. By answering in real-time, the participants can understand the study more deeply. Once we started using Imakiku, we can catch what the participants think in real-time. This system allows you to hold hybrid type (in-person and online) information sessions at the same time, allowing people from all over the world to participate in the information sessions. In addition, There is no need for participants to operate multiple apps, as this web system can handle hybrid conferences that combine face-to-face classes and online classes. In addition, the participants can select their native language at first, so they can answer very easily. Also, we can get the result by one click! The result data makes us planning the next presentation very smoothly. Thanks to the data, even if the staff member changes, we can organize the next conference very smoothly. We look forward to the Imakiku updates from here on out!

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

Event agency Supervisor

Event agencySupervisor

Recently, I get a lot of requests from my clients that they'd like to hold the events using real-time audience response system. So Imakiku is a great tool for that kind of requests. (FYI; One-Time plan for business: The rate depends on you specified participants number. Contact us and we'll send you the estimate right away.)

Our recent keyword is "interactive and hybrid class". A lot of clients would like to have an interactive presentation and promote the participants' satisfaction. Nowadays, "interactive and hybrid conferencing" are increasingly mentioned keywords among our clients.

So we suggest Imakiku as an interactive presentation tool for our clients' events. It works as a core of them.

By using Imakiku, the participants of our clients can feel the community at that time, it promotes the participant's satisfaction.

Also, the participants can select their language, so they can answer the Imakiku questions without difficulties. In addition, Imakiku has a lot of useful features, it works for various events.

Many clients are happy because we can turn in the result report immediately after the event. All we have to do is just click once on the result screen of Imakiku. That's amazingly useful. From here on, we'll suggest Imakiku for our clients' event.